Top 10 things to do in Ireland

Here is my Top 10 list of things you can explore in Ireland. They are all through the country so just look if there is something near your travel destinations ­čÖé

  1. Evening in a pub
    Evening in a pub

    Oldest pub of Ireland – Brazen head – Dublin
    Listen to great live music and enjoy an Irish Guinness

  2. Dublin Castle
    Dublin Castle

    Historical walking tour of Dublin – Dublin
    Estimated to take 2 hours, ours took 3! It was really cool and interesting. The guides are all history graduates and ours knew the Irish history from the Vikings until today. I learnd so much and had no problems understanding museums or references after that

  3. Trinitiy College
    Trinitiy College

    Trinity College – Dublin
    The college was founded in the 16th century by Queen Elisabeth the first for protestand students is already breathtaking from the outside. But inside is the old Trinity College Library. The long rows full of historical books are an amazing thing to see. If you want to feel like you enterd Hogwarts, go there!

  4. Gaol
    Kilmainham Gaol

    Kilmainham Gaol – Dublin
    Here the famous leaders of the easter rising were executed. You can just enter with a tour but there is a museum as well where you can wait until it’s your turn. Very interesting if you are into Irish history. It gives you goosebumps to stand where others were killed just a hundred years ago. A sad but fascinating place to go.

  5. Charles Fort
    Charles Fort

    Charles Fort – Kinsale
    The fort was built to hold off any attacks from the sea that might come from the British or French. Anyway it was attacked just once and not from the sea but from land and surrendered. Still it’s huge and most parts are intact. There are changing exhibitions and our tour guide was really funny.

  6. Cahir Castle
    Cahir Castle

    Caher castle – Cahir
    One of the best preserved castles of Ireland. There is a free tour and I think it’s a must to see at least one great castle while you are in Ireland.

  7. Kilkenny National Park
    Kilkenny National Park

    Kilkenny National Park

    One of Irelands most famous national parks. Visit the waterfalls or go for a hike. You can also do a carriage tour or visit the lake and castle.

  8. Connemara

    The Connemara region is beautiful. „Mountains“ and lakes, swamps and hills with wild ponies. Every five minutes the scenery changes and you find yourself in another world. In Connemara you can truly belive in fairies!

  9. deep blue sea
    Beach day

    Inch beach – Dingle peninsula
    A wonderful long beach with a nice (but expensive) restaurant. You can also rent surving equipment here for a good price. Enjoy a nice day (so in Ireland 20┬░ and light rain fall) here. You can also park your car on the beach and bring a picknick.

  10. Cliffs of Moher
    Cliffs of Moher

    Cliffs of Moher – Doolin
    Probably the most famous tourist attraction of the island. The cliffs are over 200 meters high and you could walk the 20 km long hike on their edge. Anyway if you are not up to a day long walk just drive to the carpark (for wich you have to pay) and visit the Cliffs of Moher visiter centre. Here the walk on the cliffs has save walls, so you can enjoy your trip even if you are afraid of hights.



I hope you liked my list! If you have questions, just leave a comment or use my contact form.




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