Nepals 10 golden traffic rules

After uploading pictures and videos about nepali traffic I thought it became time to establish some rules:


  1. There are no real rules
  2. The driver of a motorbike/ scouter always wears a helmet, the 1 to 3 passenger on the other hand don’t
  3. Same for cars, only the driver uses a seatbelt and only in range of a police checkpoint
  4. Traffic lights do exist, they just don’t work
  5. Generally you drive on the left sight or the middle of the road or the right sight, wherever there is space
  6. Bikes are not only good to transport people. Goats, dogs, ladders and furniture also fit comfortably on a motorbike
  7. While crossing a street cars might wait for you, bikes will drive you over
  8. Generally just go and make your way slowly across hoping everything will go smooth. Joining a group or a local also helps you to reach the other side.
  9. Busses can still take more passengers on as long as the door closes. Also a bus made for 15 people can of course carry 30.
  10. Backpacks, ricebags and luggages fit inside the bus, goats however have to take a ride on the roof.

Also overland travel is quite different from city busses. In Ktm micro busses function more or less. A ton of people fight for a place in the bus. Let me outline a few roules here:


  1. Never travel after 5
  2. If you travel after 5 be prepared for some serious pushing and crazy people behaving like the bus will be the last one to ever come
  3. First row is reserved for women
  4. In summer get a window spot or suffocate otherwise
  5. Don’t eat on the bus (don’t know why but people always stared at me when I did)
  6. Be prepared to be yelled at by a 12 year old boy
  7. All guys who open/close the door and collect the money have the same hairdresser and clothing shop
  8. Prices wary from bus to bus
  9. Strangers talk to you out of curiosity
  10. Busses leave when full


  1. Busses are old, very old.
  2. Tourist busses are just as local busses just without the Hindi music
  3. Depending on the company you get water, snacks, a toilet
  4. Roadhouses serve unlike Europe good and cheap food
  5. Dhal bhat can be refilled in the roadhouses
  6. The streets are horrible, holes, landslides, no asphalt
  7. Highways still only have one lane each side
  8. If they say you need 5 hours, you really need 8
  9. Don’t open the window unless you want a ton of dust in your lungs
  10. basic price for a 8 hour trip is around 8 – 10 Euros

Save travels to everyone.
If you would like an inside view on nepals street watch my video:

Bus in front of us broke down and stopped traffic for 30 minutes.
Bus route through an empty riverbed in lower Mustang
Pokhara bus station
Sunset from the bus
Bayern fan in Kathmandu
Ktm street during normal traffic


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