Nepal begins

Only 3 days left!

Next Monday is the big day. I’ll be leaving for KATHMANDU 🙂
The next 4 months I will spent in Nepal teaching and travelling. But let’s take baby steps:

  1. Where will I be going?
    I will live in a village 40 minutes with the bus from the capital Kathmandu. The name is Godavari and you can visit the (almost) famous Botanical Gardens there.
  2. How will I get there?
    I start in Hamburg and then spend the night waiting on Dubai’s airport (7 hours, snore). I will arrive the evening of the next day in Kathmandu. Then only the line up for the Visa separates me from my bed in the Hotel.
  3. What will I be doing?
    I will teach at a local primary school. My students will be 9 – 12 years old and I can’t wait to meet them and the teachers. I will teach 5 days a week and that for 3 months. I hope to come up with good ideas to make class fun. I had my share of English teachers and hopefully got some ideas of what to do and more important what not to do.
    Otherwise I will be travelling. First I will go on a week long hiking trip in the Himalayas. I won’t be going up 8000 meters, don’t worry, the highest point isn’t even 3000 meters yet.
    Second I will go rafting in Chitwan and do a Safari, seeing Elephants and Rhinos. I am super curious to see the tallest mountains on this planet up close. Also wish me luck with that rafting, I can’t say that I have a talent with paddles.
    Also I look forward to spend some weekends with others volunteers in Kathmandu and experience the busy city.
  4. Where will I stay?
    I will live in a host family. I will experience the Nepali life as it really is and get some inside on Hinduism and Buddhism.
  5. When will I come back?
    Early January. I will spend Christmas and New Year there. Even though both aren’t celebrated in Nepal (or not on that day) the outside world got hold of Kathmandu too and now both is happening in Kathmandu.


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