I had the feeling that I shouldn’t just write about journeys, give tips, rate cities and so on without a thought behind it.

I want to report as honestly as possible. I will not fotoshop my pictures. If I edit them it’s not to hide details but to emphasize them. I will tell you if I didn’t like a shop or if I had the feeling the place I visited is not as great as my Pinterest search said.

It is important to me to let you all know how I felt, how things were, how people reacted. Of course I could just do pinky, shiny posts with lots of fun but that’s not how the world is. I travel because I want to see how life is in different places and how countries influence us.
So if I write I tell you my thoughts, I tell you my fun times and my bad times.

My goal is to let you know how the place felt. I want you all to smell, taste and hear it. I want you to get the expierience not the travel guide picture book.

And then, maybe you want to travel there too. Maybe you liked what I saw and want to see it for yourself.

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