My big trip begins

Hey guys,

over the past 2 years I’ve been planning and organizing my gap year. I finished High School this summer (YEA) and am now free to travel. I will try my best to keep you folks updated on everything I do 🙂

What awaits me?
First of all I am gonna travel to NEPAL. For 3 months I’ll be teaching at a local primary school and one month (spread over the time) I’ll be travelling, including hiking in the Himalayas and rafting (not in the Himalayas).
I am leaving on September 5th so in a little bit more than a week. Even though the actual flight time is „only“ 10 hours, I am travelling almost 24 hours because I have to wait 7 hours in Dubai. You would think 7 hours in Dubai are cool. But I am there the whole night and can’t leave the airport. Well…I am gonna explore all the different coffee shops then.
I am gonna be back early January, filled up with rice and frozen to the bones due to only cold showers but hopefully happy and jolly.

Secondly I will visit all my friends from my previous gap year in BURNABY, VANCOUVER. I missed Canada for 3 years now and am very happy to finally return to my amazing host family. My visit will be short (2 1/2 weeks) but I will make the most out of it.

Third and last stop is SANTIAGO, CHILE. There I got an internship at a big media agency for 3 months. It is in Spanish, a detail my friends keep laughing about ever since I told them. Therefore I will make a 2 weeks Spanish course before. I am sure 2 weeks won’t be remotly enough time to polish up my bad Spanish, but hey, once I live there it’s gonna be easier, right?

That’s the rough plan for the next 8 1/2 months. I have to say I am getting a little nervous now that it is so close. But I won’t be alone. There are so many nice people I am surley gonna meet and all you in front of a screen following my adventures are gonna be with me.

So thanks for reading, the next post will follow shortly.


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