Ireland awaiting

Ireland awaiting

Tomorrow I will be getting on a plane to Dublin and then tour around with my dad, cousin and aunt for 1 1/2 weeks followed by a week long horse riding trip 🙂

So just letting you know I won’t post in this time because I’m on the run for new adventures to tell you about!

When I’m back I will feed you with all the bloody details about Irish beer, weather, cinemas, horses and castles.

Have fun the rest of the summer, you surely have more sun than I will!



I am Sophia. Since I can I take any chance to leave my beautiful home in Germany and to travel. And with crossingland I want to show people behind desks, in trains or planes, on sofas and in armchairs, at home or on the road a little bit of the world, so they may experience the same amazing places I had the chance to see.

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