How to…survive a class trip.

In July I spent a week in Stockholm with my class. My class means 22 girls, 1 boy and 2 teachers.

As you can imagine tension and fights are inclusive on a class trip like this. But to my great relieve I can say, than I had almost no teeth gritting, nail sharpening girl fight the whole week. Here are my tips for you to surive you next class trip or friends trip:

1. Be yourself.
No one likes it if you exxaggerate or show off. Don’t tell everybody about how drunk you were last night or how some boy looked only at you the whole night.

2. Walk away.
If you don’t want to go to a place or spent time with a person DON’T DO IT. It’s better to just walk away, do something else than having a bad time and effecting others with it.

3. Don’t complain too much.
Yes the journey is long. Yes the weather is bad. Yes no one cares about the museum in front of you. But the others feel the same even without telling them. If you are in a bad mood, that’s totaly fine! But don’t let it out on others. They are trying to have a good time, don’t ruin that.

4. Make time for youself.
Being around your class all the time is exhausting. Take some time off. Ditch the card games in the evenening and get some sleep. You feel much better when you had some time for youself and it makes the next day easier.

5. Don’t hold on.
You want to spent time with the ONE friend but she’s always on the run? Let her go! She’ll come back when she needs you.
You want to see the ONE store but no one else does? Either go with a small group or see if it’s also in your home country. Remember it’s not just you there..

6. Stay out of fights.
Even if friends are involved and you just want to help. Getting mixed up in the middle of things is never good. Just stay out of it! Nobody is happy when half of the group fights and it can ruin your trip. Just remember you are probably fighting because you lack sleep and food. You laugh about it in the morning.

7. Do things in small groups.
If possible ditch the whole class for an afternoon. Take your best friends and explore on your one. This way you can do what YOU want and have more time to do so.

8. Get to know locals.
I didn’t really had the chance on this trip but I still met amazing shop owners and musicians. They can give you tips and you have a story to tell the others.

9. Pack well
That’s before you start. I had only one pair of long jeans and one good pair of running shoes. It rained all the time! If your feet hurt and are wet you won’t have a good time. Make sure you check the weather of your destination before you leave.

10. Bring snacks and games.
Bring a bunch of sweets and a few card games. They are always good for an evening in the hotel.

11. Plan ahead.
Our plans were kind of a mess and it’s not fun to stand around with 25 people not knowing what to do. So take time before you leave and plan your trip and MAKE SURE you all go through with it.

12. Eat.
Eat whenever you can. No food makes you moody.

13. Get to know people
Spend time with class members you usually don’t hang out with. I found a new amazing friend through it.

14. Have fun.
It’s a 4 in a life time experience. Make sure it counts. Make memories. You have your whole class around you and after that trip you will all be closer. It is impossible to not have fun on a class trip and when you stay out of fights, stay fair and nice, care about others and interact with people you will have a great time.

I hope this was helpful and please let me know how you trips were! Just comment below ūüôā


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