How to… see Toronto in Winter

Toronto in Winter can be nasty! -20 °C, windy and grey
But there is no need to despair, a bunch of things are fun to do in Winter as well! Here is a short list of what I would recommend:


  • ROM – Royal Ontario Museum

    The ROM is a fantastic place to spend an entire frosty day in the warmth. It’s a natural history museum, featuring exhibits of ancient cultures, archeology (including dinosaurs), animals and art. Changing exhibitions are best viewed on the website.
    Price: 20 CAD, Students/Youth 15,50 CAD, Kids 14 CAD
    Time: 4-7 hours



  • Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
    Ripley’s Aquarium

    The Aquarium is another warm and fun place to be, especially in a group or family. It is highly rated (4,5 Stars on TripAdviser) and advised by Canadians and fellow tourists. You can watch sharks swim over your heads in an undersea tunnel or see different types of water environments with their inhabitants. Of course there are feedings and other events to spice up your visit. It is located right next to the CN Tower.
    Price: Timed ticket 30 CAD, no student tickets, kids 20 CAD/ 9 CAD
    Time: 2-3 hours



  • Casa Loma – Castle

    The Casa Loma castle is a manor house in the style of an old European castle. It was build as a private house but is now a museum. In summer the beautiful gardens are the place to be but however in winter the inside might be more appealing. It’s furniture is much like European castles you can visit, however few of those exist in North America. Each floor has it’s highlights and in the tower they host escape room games. You will have to book in advance for those though.
    Price: 27 CAD, Youth 22 CAD, Kids 17 CAD
    Time: 2-3 hours


  • Coffee at Kensington Market 
    University area, next to Kensington market

    Kensington Market is a funky, little space. Lot’s of alternative folks running around (Spidermens on skateboards, hipsters…) and lot’s of good cafés and restaurants. If you want to escape the cold and get a warm drink, do it here!
    Price: 3-6 CAD
    Time: 1-3 hours



  • Ice skating

    There are a couple of outdoor ice skating rings in the downtown area. Harbourfront or Dundas

    Ice skating

    square both have them and there are several other spots too. It might be cold but the skating will warm you up. And after you can watch the pros do their thing and drink a hot chocolate with your besties.
    Price: Free, only have to pay to rent skates
    Time: 1 – 1 1/2 hours

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