How to…pack for a hiking trip

So here’s my personal packing list for hikers 🙂

1. Perfect shoes.
It’s modern to use elastic shoes, anyway I prefer leather shoes. They are maybe a bit heavier but if you trip you won’t hurt your ankles so fast. But make sure they fit. Try them before you leave for the big trip. Bad shoes = Bad trip !!

2. Backpack
It depents on how long you want to go and how tall / heavy you are. For example my backpack can hold about 8 to 9 kg. It’s the maximum for my hight and weight class. Make sure you get a proffesional one to protect your back.

3. A map
You don’t want to get lost. It makes your day harder and is possibly dangerous.

4. Rain jacket and pants and a backpack cover
It can’t be sunny all the time and scince you most likely just have one pair of trousers you don’t want them to get wet.

5. Sport T-Shirts and hiking trousers and a fleece
Don’t unse cotton shirts because they will need longer to dry. And also try to get loose pants because you want swet so much in them. Maybe the oens you can cut above the knee.

6. Sunglasses and suncream and a cap
It’s important to refresh the suncream mulitple times a day. You get sunburn way faster in the mountains -> You are closer to the sun -> You also get tanned faster 😉

7. Hiking sticks
If you just go into mild terrain you don’t need them. But if you want to go into f.ex. the Alps you need them. They support you and make sure your knees keep up.

8. An outfit for the lodge and a cotton sleeping bag
Just take a comfy outfit for the afternoons and evenings in the lodge (including shoes like flip flops) and most lodges want you to use an extra cotton/silk sleeping bag because they don’t make the beds fresh every day. So you want that probably too.

9. Blistering plaster
You will know when you need them

10. A book
Just saying I never go anywhere without one


Don’t pack:

– A bikini, a tent, food (you can get lunch packages in the lodges)

Have fun on your trip
Have fun on your trip 🙂


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