Hiking in the Alps_Summary
Looks like New Zealand

Hiking in the Alps_Summary

So… I’ve just returned from the Italian Alps from a week long hiking trip.
Bevore I tell you all about it day by day, I want to talk about the reason I went there in the first place.

My wonderful cousin Marie and her parents invited me to come along on their anual hiking trip. Last year they were in Switzerland and I was amazed by their photographs.
And so it happend that a year later (17.7.15) I happend to drive down with them to Italy.

And further on I just had the idea to start this blog now because of Marie. When you roam through high mountains and stony valleys you have some time to think!
So thank you my cousin of the year (no offence to my other cousins) I am looking forward to our next trip.



I am Sophia. Since I can I take any chance to leave my beautiful home in Germany and to travel. And with crossingland I want to show people behind desks, in trains or planes, on sofas and in armchairs, at home or on the road a little bit of the world, so they may experience the same amazing places I had the chance to see.

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