From Paris with Love
The Eiffel tower

From Paris with Love

Hi my fellow travellers!
Sorry for my long silence but school is demanding more time than a baby zebra! (And it’s not as cute)

But now I am back from PARIS! 4 Days with my bestfriend in a hostel in Montmartre and I’m gonna tell you all about it!
So here a little overview of whats comming:

  • How to…travel to Paris on a budget
  • 4 Day Paris trip – what to do
  • Top 10 things to do in Paris
  • Pictures of course!





I am Sophia. Since I can I take any chance to leave my beautiful home in Germany and to travel. And with crossingland I want to show people behind desks, in trains or planes, on sofas and in armchairs, at home or on the road a little bit of the world, so they may experience the same amazing places I had the chance to see.

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