1. Alex Lin

    I love the „over the shoulder“ shot where Bobby is gazing off into the gorgeous scenery. Was it breezy that day? I could tell from the dark patches in the water and Bobby’s mane swaying to the left. Though I’m no expert in photography, the photo definitely has composition and in turn, evoked some emotions within me. I feel a sense of potential energy from the footprints and the wind. It’s as if those prints are memories, a reminder in Bobby’s mind that he was meant to gallop at full power along the caressing waves.

  2. SophiaLueneburg

    Thanks Alex 🙂 My cousin made this foto acutally! The footprints come from two horses who went there just a few minutes earlier and it was a bit windy, although nothing compared to the wind you feel in your face when the horses take up speed! 😀

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