About me



my name is Sophia.
I am a German highschool student, 18 and driven to travel.

Scince I was a little girl my parents traveled a lot with me. Business trips, holiday trips, school trips… I loved them all.
I’ve never experienced a bad journey.

Then in 2012 I packed my stuff and left for 11 months. I’ve spent a highschool year in Burnaby, Canada and met sooo many amazing people. I had rough times and good times, but never the feeling of real homesickness.
More I still miss Canada every day back here in Hamburg.

Now I am planning my big trips after my graduation and hope you will follow me all the way through my preparations and traveling.
(Plans are Chile and Nepal for 3 and 5 months)

But until then I am about to keep you busy with my latest and future trips. As I said I travel every chance I get and in between I try to come up with helpful lists, top 10s, book tips, reviews of my past journeys, experiences, and fun.

So keep track of me crossing land